Best Quality Tasty Haylage.

We have a huge pile of top quality haylage on site. We’ve spent the last few years working out the best time to cut and bale the grass to ensure the best quality tasty haylage. When you open a bale it smells fantastic. The bales are medium sized, smaller than our standard Heston hay bales which cuts down on wastage.

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  • Monday to Saturday
  • Collection by arrangement 9.30-12 noon Mon-Fri
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What is haylage?

Haylage is essentially grass that has been cut earlier and at a younger stage of growth than hay and left to wilt instead of completely drying out.

What is the difference between hay and haylage?

The difference between haylage and hay is that, whilst the conservation of hay relies on the removal of moisture, the conservation of haylage relies on the exclusion of oxygen which prevents mould growth. Haylage is typically between 50 and 70% dry matter.

What is the advantage of haylage?

The main benefit of haylage over hay is that it is baled and wrapped damp, so it does not contain the dust and mould spores that UK made hay will inevitably contain. In fact vets recommend that all UK hay is soaked (for 10 minutes) to dampen dust and swell mould spores before being fed to horses.

Do horses eat haylage?

Haylage is great for horses in regular work, young horses with greater energy and protein requirements for growth and older horses who need an easily digestible source of forage.

Other Products


Whether it’s for your wood-burner, open fire or campfire we can supply you with the best quality, seasoned logs. We can deliver by the tipper truck load or in bulk bags.​

Straw Bales

Straw bales are a useful and flexible addition to any event, as well as adding some rustic charm.

They are very popular with weddings and parties. Our standard bales can seat 2/3 people and are a really affordable way of seating large numbers.