Logs for sale near me in Bucks

Logs for sale near me in Bucks

logs for sale near me in Bucks

Seasoned Logs for sale near me in Bucks

Looking for logs for sale near me in Bucks? Whatever you need logs for and whatever the time of year, we always have a good supply of seasoned logs, ready for burning. If you are fed up with poor quality, wet logs, come to us for our top quality logs for sale in Hemel Hempstead with free delivery throughout Herts, Bucks & London.

Logs for Wood Burning Stoves

If you need logs for a wood burning stove, you will know that it’s important to be careful when buying firewood logs. You must ensure that the logs you buy have been properly dried. This is because logs containing a lower moisture content will burn consistently and produce very little smoke, and won’t blacken the glass of your stove door. If you are looking forlogs for sale near me in Bucks, call us on 07542 143 564.

How to tell if logs are seasoned

  1. Log Colour – Wood colour fades over time. Seasoned wood is less vibrant than green wood.
  2. Log Shape – If you split wood, it speeds up the drying process. Split wood will also dry out faster than logs in a pile.
  3. Log Weight – As wood dries, it loses its moisture content and becomes lighter. Softwoods have a very high moisture content when they are green, so the weight difference will be more noticeable than hardwood varieties.
  4. Log Hardness – Dried wood is harder, which means that it is more difficult to split. Dry wood is more compressed and stronger than green wood.
  5. Log Bark – The bark on dry wood is loose. Any existing bark can be removed easily.
  6. Log Cracking – There may be cracks on dry logs from the centre to the edges.. However, please note that dry logs may not crack and some cracked logs may still be too green to burn.
  7. Log Sound – Wet logs produces a dull thud when two logs are hit together. In contrast dry wood will make a hollow sound when two pieces come together.
  8. Log Smell – Green wood has a stronger smell. This of course also depends on the type of tree. As the wood dries, the sappy aroma fades to a light woody smell.
  9. Log Flammability – A good test of the moisture level of your logs is to burn a couple outside. Green, moist wood will be difficult to light. It will smoulder and create a lot of smoke, not what you want in the wood burner in your living room!

Top Quality Seasoned Logs

Our seasoned logs are consistently top quality. We have many regular customers throughout Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and London who come back to us because they know they can rely on the quality of our logs. Not all suppliers can offer such top quality seasoned logs. If you are looking for logs for sale near me in Bucks, call us on 07542 143 564.

Log Delivery

We can deliver our logs by the tipper truck load or in bulk bags.

  • Special orders for logs can be arranged, if you want a bag of smaller or larger logs, just ask
  • Delivery in Herts, Bucks & London
  • Monday to Saturday
  • £70 per bag

Finest Quality Seasoned Log Suppliers in Hertfordshire – call us on 07542 143 564

logs for sale near me in Bucks

Hyde Farm, Hay, straw, straw bales and seasoned log suppliers in Hertfordshire has been producing hay & straw for generations. We are a family run farm offering a professional, friendly and reliable service. We are the leading quality seasoned logs and hay and straw suppliers in Hertfordshire. Read more.

Our Farm in Hertfordshire

With generations of experience, the Macmillan family takes great care growing all our crops. We only cut our grass at the optimum time, ensuring premium quality hay. We offer the optimally grown hay and supply many equestrian centres, riding schools and independent livery yards.

Finest Quality Seasoned Log Suppliers in Hertfordshire – call us on 07542 143 564

What Our Customers Say

  • “Wonderful Products & Friendly Service”

    This is an amazing family run farm, they are a lovely reliable family business. We have used them for hay/straw/haylage for as long as I can remembe, great quality produce and a great service’

    Sophie – Chiswell Green Riding School

  • “Fast and friendly service”

    Hyde Farm has been our hay and straw supplier for almost a decade. Fast and friendly service with great quality hay and straw every time.

    Steve, Cassiobury Farm and Fish