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Logs for Wood Burning Stoves

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Logs for Wood Burning Stoves


Looking for logs for wood burning stoves? Here are a few tips to help you select the best wood for your stove.

The Basics

Obviously, it is essential that you keep your wood burning stove clean and well-maintained, but there are other factors which you need to think about. What type of wood will you use and where will you get it from? It’s not just a question of finding any sort of wood and burning it in your stove. Your stove supplier will usually tell you about how to make the most of your stove but here are a few tips which might help when selecting logs for wood burning stoves.

Seasoned Logs

Seasoned logs are dried out naturally in the open air over a long period of time to reduce their moisture content and so they burn much more efficiently. A tree which has just been cut down retains the water content that was needed to keep the tree alive. The water content may be anywhere from 35% and 60% and even higher during the spring and summer seasons. It is essential that the logs you use are seasoned which means that they have been stored until the water content is below 20%.

But I have lots of unseasoned wood

If you have unseasoned wood that you want to use you will find that it will burn, but because of the high-water content the fire will not burn as hot as it should and this reduces the efficiency of your stove. So, if you have unseasoned logs you want to use, store it for about 6 months somewhere dry and then use it.

Hardwood or Softwood?

Different types of wood burn in different ways, but we would always recommend using hardwood as it is the best source of heat for your wood burning stove. Hardwoods have a close structure and will burn for much longer than the more open structure of softwoods.  We would recommend hardwoods such as ash, beech, and hawthorn. These will be the perfect wood for your wood burning stove.

One to avoid

A cheaper option – pine – should always be avoided because it can build dangerous deposits in your flue. It’s possible that the deposits could catch fire. So, pine is fine for an outdoor fire but not for your wood burning stove.

How big should the logs be?

So, we’ve covered the type of wood to be used but size is also an important consideration. You will see that logs are normally split which will mean that it will burn more effectively than a full log because of the increased surface area.  Ideally logs will be split into quarters or eighths to provide the maximum efficiency.

Top Quality Seasoned Logs from Hyde Farm

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