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Quality Seasoned Logs for sale

Looking for seasoned logs for sale? You may want seasoned logs for your wood burning stove or for an open fire. We can supply you with the best quality, seasoned logs by the tipper truck load or in bulk bags.​

Where does the wood come from?

It’s a question many of our customers ask as people in general are becoming more aware of the importance of sustainability of woodland. They want to be sure that the log they are burning are not doing any harm to the environment.

Responsibly Sourced

We source our wood from our own farmland where trees have fallen. Towards the end of winter trees can often be blown over by seasonal gales. We take care ensure that the tree isn’t diseased in any way before bring back to process into logs. In addition to wood from our farmland we also source suitable wood from local, responsible tree surgeons.

The trees are sawn up and split into logs and stored in a dry area with good air circulation and off the ground.

Maintaining British Woodland

So we can confidently answer our customers questions about sustainability. We know the exact source of our wood; it is all local, we do not import and inferior quality wood. We are helping to maintaining local British woodland in a responsible and sustainable way.


  • Special orders can be arranged, if you want a bag of smaller or larger logs, just ask
  • Delivery in Herts, Bucks & London
  • Monday to Saturday
  • £70 per bag

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